Pleasley Pit Country Park

Pleasley Pit Country Park is a beautiful nature reserve located in Derbyshire, but is a part of Mansfield. The park is a former colliery site that has been transformed into a stunning green space, complete with a lake, woodlands, and grasslands. The park is a popular destination for families, walkers, and nature lovers, and offers a range of activities and facilities for visitors to enjoy.

Prepare to be amazed at the many different habitats that nature has created. Wildflowers in different colours make the forest floor look like a carpet. Enjoy the peace and tranquility of the gentle sun’s rays as you sit by the lake. Listen to the happy songs of local birds. They create a natural concert that fills the air.

Pleasley Pit Country Park has so much more! There’s more to Pleasley Pit Country Park than just nature. There are plenty of activities for all visitors. Enjoy a picnic with your family in an area designed to encourage laughter and fun. On the green areas, you can play friendly games of frisbee or football. Don’t miss the exciting treasure hunt on the incredible nature trails!

Find peace and tranquility in this beautiful sensory garden. The sensory garden is a beautiful place filled with plants that are vibrant and smell wonderful. The enchanting play zones will let your imagination run wild and provide endless possibilities to be creative and have fun.

Pleasley Pit Trust organises many exciting events every year. Join guided tours, exhibitions, and workshops to learn about the park’s fascinating history and natural wonders.

Pleasley Pit Country Park will be the ideal place to visit if you enjoy nature, learning about history, or simply want a relaxing getaway. Explore the incredible beauty of this park to discover the magic that lies within.